Video Games and Anime [CENSORED]

When it comes to this WordPress this seems to be the one thing I talk about most, and I guess that’s because this is a subject that just keeps popping up because it just keeps happening. Now it’s Sony or some people at Sony claiming that according to “Global Standards” games must be censored. Upon hearing this you might think “Wow it’s going to be like in the ’90s when they took the blood out of Mortal Kombat on Super Nintendo?” Well no, it is not like that at all. Once again it’s about censoring games with sexy content.

Right now one of the biggest targets of this is Senran Kagura which you can read about on Niche Gamer here. The most interesting thing about all this is the policy is only affecting Japanese games. Games like the previously mentioned Senran Kagura and a new release of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 will be censored on the PS4, but it’s worth mentioning that DOAX3 is also being released on the switch and will not be censored. So if it’s to apply to some global standard why is it that only Sony has to do this and not Nintendo?

Take that, Japan!

I’m trying not to go too conspiracy theory with this, but it would seem that Sony and only Sony is feeling pressure from somewhere or something in order to apply this blanket censorship policy. It’s also difficult to not try and get tin-foil hat when you find out that These Japanese games which some are only released in Japan have to go through an inspection in English. It’s easy enough to find groups out there that may be celebrating such things because they see this is as some form of victory due to the fact they’ve never liked any of these games.

All in all stuff like this keeps happening and there are various arguments as to why they should be censored. At this point, I’m going to switch gears here and list a few of them with my counter-argument as to why this form of censorship or any form of censorship is stupid.

Argument: “It needs to be censored because it makes you hate women/sexist against women”

No, it doesn’t and it never will. This is just the new version of the ’90s “Playing violent video games will make you violent” argument but said in a way that is supposed to somehow make it more agreeable. It’s almost like people are saying “yeah I don’t care if you kill somebody, but don’t you dare find that woman attractive!”

Perfectly Acceptable Behavior

I go to a local bar a couple of times a week and never once did I ever entertain the thought that I should re-enact some grabby scene from Senran Kagura on some woman I had just met and was talking to. The simple idea that an anime tiddy game somehow erases my ability to be a responsible, boundary respecting adult is laughable.

Argument: “These female characters are unrealistic and look nothing like real women! It sets an impossible beauty standard for women!”

Take any female characters name from a video game, head to any search engine and add cosplay to that characters name. You will find thousands of examples of real women who look like and have very similar bodies to these characters. While I do agree that some of the anime games have crazy proportions that is nothing new for the Anime art style. However, to go on and say that a real woman can’t look like that, well isn’t that attacking the women who do look like that?

It’s obvious that not everyone woman is going to look like Kasumi or even that every man is going to look like Ryu. A lot of people in the world today are average people and that is perfectly OK.

Argument: “What if a kid gets a hold of this game and plays it?”

Family Friendly Fun

Why are you giving mature-rated games to children? The rating system is there for a reason and it’s a common fact that many parents ignore the rating system on the box. It is not the game companies responsibility to blanket censorship because some lazy parent can’t do a little bit of online research to find out if a game has anime tiddies. Although apparently letting children mass murder people in GTA is perfectly acceptable.

Argument: “You’re just horny old bastard why don’t you just look at porn?”

The Literal Worst

These games aren’t porn nor are they the same as watching a pornographic video. They’re fun, often times silly games that have a bit of lewd content that I can entertain myself with if I don’t feel like practicing combos on Mortal Kombat or grinding out something in one of the various Final Fantasy games.

Argument: “Well I just don’t like it!”

Then don’t play it. How many times am I told that if I don’t like walking simulators that I “just don’t have to play it” and that more games need to embrace it’s artistic style while I can just stick to games I like, but games that I like have to be changed to suit the tastes of others. It’s hypocritical plain and simple.

In closing this censorship policy is stupid and all of us that are in agreement should stand up and say something. Make a blog post or a video and share it around, e-mail sony, get in touch with developers. At the end of the day, we are the consumers and we have a right to be heard just as much as anyone who is in favor of the censorship policy.



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