Being Serious at the Circus (Dead or Alive 6)

When Dead or Alive 6 was announced it was shown that Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo decided to go with a “more realistic way of doing thing”, what this translated to was basically the bouncing breasts, bikini DLC costumes, and heart print underwear the dudes could wear are gone in favor of ninja armor, bruises, and blood.

Recently in a Niche Gamer article it was shown that some of the fan service was back. In this article you can kind of see it. However, some fans were upset by the changes In the first place. Why remove them at all to begin with? The game they’ve come to enjoy for it’s sexy fan service and sometimes silly costumes was being changed favor of the ‘need’ to be taken serious.

So the question is does Dead or Alive 6 need to be bruised and bloody to be taken serious? My answer to that question is a resounding no. There are several reasons why Dead or Alive 6 should stay true to it’s roots and can still be EVO friendly. The first and biggest argument is that bouncing boob physics need to leave. Now I won’t argue that the jiggle physics could get crazy in Dead or Alive 5, however this was mostly due to an optional physics mode called OMG physics. Even then when it comes to these two videos which one is more believable or realistic?

I think it’s safe to say both of these don’t happen in real life, unless you know someone who can get up from having a robot break their skull, ribs, and spine as if everything is fine; if that’s the case then tell them to throw on a cape and start saving people. Still what’s being said is that you can’t have Honoka’s boob having a mind of it’s own at EVO. Well this is already solved in Dead or Alive 5 with the ability to turn off the jiggles.


As far as DLC costumes go like the bikini in the video above, well just don’t allow them for tournaments. They’ve already done this with Rainbow Mika in Street Fighter V. It’s really as simple as that; you can keep the bounce and bikinis for the fans of the series that want to enjoy them in the privacy of their own home. EVO can have it’s approved DLC costume list and simply turn the physics off in the options menu.

Overall though there is nothing wrong with revealing outfits for female or male characters. A little bit of skin here or there doesn’t hurt anyone as we’ve seen it in every other fighting game released this generation. Soul Calibur VI is keeping it’s female characters just as sexy as ever. So why can’t Dead or Alive? again most of the revealing costumes for DoA 5 are DLC and not default main costumes.

Still some people continue to harp that these games need to be taken serious, that they need to grow up, that things have to change because of a laundry list of reasons.

Well if needing to be taken serious and growing up is the case then I can assume that in the next Smash Bros. game Yoshi will be in full battle armor while breaking his knuckles on Link’s face as the Hero of Hyrule spits out blood. Or is this just another case of the war on attractive women in games?

A Very Serious Real Character (eft) VS A Fake, Could Never Be Real Character (right)

Overall Dead or Alive 6 trying to change it’s spots isn’t going to make anyone happy at the end of the day. Maybe the people that have always hated Dead or Alive will let out a victorious cheer, but in the end they’ll forget about it and move on. The final question remains is this; Will all those people that demand a mature/serious DoA over a fan service DoA actually go out and purchase the game and support it by watching DoA Tournaments at EVO or will this be a case of the fans losing out to people that were never really interested in the first place?

Time will tell, but my money is on the later.


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