Graphics Do Not Make The Game, But They Are Important.

Graphics do not make the game is a common gaming mantra spouted by many. Some gamers say this in order to get their friends or younger gamers to go back and play classic games. How often do you hear a Final Fantasy fan try to sell someone on Final Fantasy VI, VII, or VIII after that someone had just played XIII, XIV, or XV? Another example would be making sure someone does not discard a game because it was purposely made to look retro. Graphics do not make the game but they are important. this is something Bioware seems to have forgotten.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is set to release on March 21st and so far it is not looking good. Via my twitter I have shared several gifs and screenshots that show awkward facial expressions and graphical errors that make little sense. The first argument obviously is that the game has not released yet. However, can Bioware really fix all of it in four days? Luckily for me a youtuber by the name TerakJK has made a compilation video of how awful this game looks. It even compares it to a game released two years ago, The Witcher III. You can watch the video right here: Mass Effect Andromeda – AAA Gaming Experience

Now allow me to get to the point of all this. I will say once more that graphics do not make the game. However, a poorly done job should not be rewarded. We live in a gaming world right now where EA will pay for reviews from some journalists. Other websites will simply toe the line or they will push it above other recent releases due to some personal agenda. This will hurt gamers and consumers as it will send the message that making something so poorly slapped together is perfectly acceptable. If that becomes the case then we will see a lot more games that make us go



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