I disagree with your xtreme outrage.

DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme 3 Fortune
DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme 3 Fortune

Another Monday, another day on the internet. As always when I wake up or when I have time off from taking care of mundane chores or doing business downtown I use the opportunity to go through my twitter feed and see what’s happening. Even with twitter’s rampant censorship in a lot of areas (which I will not get into here) I still find it preferable to facebook.

While doing my little flip through I came across some people laughing and berating some articles talking about the new VR mode that will be coming to everyone’s favorite game, Dead or Alive Xtreme 3. In the VR mode you can bump into the girls in various spots, as well as push your face into their chest and butt. Don’t believe me? You can find some footage right here on Niche Gamer.

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 VR Lets You Smash Your Face in Girls Asses and Breasts

When I heard about this I laughed, it seems rather silly to me since I find the game to be well rather amusing. I myself imported the game through Play-Asia.com and played it enough to get the Platinum Trophy. Looking at the VR it seems to add about as much as that silly fan DLC does, the one that lets you create a great wind, resulting in the swimsuits falling off a little bit revealing only slightly more than they already do. I jokingly tweeted that I now “give a shit” about VR in hopes of sticking my face into some virtual Honoka or Marie Rose.

Regardless there are those that seem to be taking this too seriously and jumping on their Outrage Train in order to paint the game as some vile training device in order to make men evil. Metro has an article up and describes the game is ” basically interactive assault.” This argument is ridiculous for several reasons.

“Let’s just say the VR version of Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 is not designed with female players in mind – rather, horny men who want the full buxom avatar experience.”

I always find this argument annoying and revolting. It reinforces the idea that this game is made only for men, erasing bi-sexual and homosexual women from the equation. If a heterosexual male enjoys playfully poking at some virtual boobs, why wouldn’t a bi-sexual or homosexual woman?

My current girlfriend (someone I’ve known for six years before we begun our romantic relationship) identifies as bi-sexual, and while I haven’t asked her yet I’m sure she’d be interested in this form of VR. As far as DOAX3 goes she enjoyed playing it as well as watching me play.

Also from what I can tell the game doesn’t define you as a man (just the owner helping out Zack) nor does the VR experience seem to use any gender identifiers for the player. Regardless of gender, we’re all sexual beings.

I’d also like to mention this game is also ideal for trophy hunters, gamers who want to pad their PSN level with an easy platinum. Men or women who are into trophy hunting would pick up this game as well, simply for that reason.

“Needless to say the female characters – whose bodies players are encouraged to poke to their heart’s content – don’t put up much of a fuss.”

When I got to this point in the article I was thinking about it and of course, like most of you reading this it also hit me. This is a video game, it’s not real life, it’s not reality. As much as I adore the cast of Dead or Alive, they’re not real people. I’m not saying that this new VR mode isn’t lewd, it definitely is. Still, Marie Rose, Honoka, Momiji, Helena, Kasumi, they’re not real people.

It’s a video game, plain and simple and like most video games it steps out of the boundaries of reality to do a handful of things that people don’t do in real life. This circles back around to the argument that video games are capable of influencing real people into doing bad things. In this case, if you play DoAX3’s VR mode you’re going to run downtown and start cramming your face into the chests of real women.

I’m sorry, but that’s foolish and it’s been proven in various studies that video games don’t cause sexism, violence, or any of that sort. You can read more about that with the following link.

New Study Finds No Link Between Gaming And Sexist Attitudes

I’m going to wrap this up with my final thoughts on the article. One of the last things the article mentions or rather links to is how Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 was denied a release in the west due to sexism. This is a lie, pure and simple. You can read on Niche Gamer (No Plans to Bring Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 West ) That the game wasn’t brought west due to fear of backlash.

They knew that websites like Kotaku, Polygon, and Metro were going to assault the game brandishing it as sexist, misogynistic, and then proceed to berate and belittle the fans of Dead or Alive as well as anyone planning to purchase the game. Once again it’s the case of puritans who feel the need to protect everyone from “evil video games” trying to say that you can have this because they think it’s bad. Now the game wasn’t released here and they’re still going out of their way to be offended and upset over a game that wasn’t even released in the West.

As I have said time and time again on my twitter and some other posts on this blog. If you don’t like it, if you think it’s so wrong, simply don’t buy it. Those of us who wanted the product went out of our way to import it. There are plenty of games out there that I have no interest in, and you know what I do? what I will always do? I won’t buy them, nor will I try to keep others from buying them.

Your xtreme outrage is xtremely fabricated.

You can read the metro article here.


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