Butts are bad?

So there I was this early afternoon sipping on my hot tea and catching up on all the gaming news sites that I follow. This is something that has become rather routine for me, and as I was doing this I came across the following article on Nichegamer.com


Blizzard Removes Tracer Pose That Highlights Her Butt

Finally something is being done about these disgusting creatures called women in video games, finally they’re being positioned so we don’t have to look at them! Wait, no that doesn’t sound right. Here let me try that again.

At last we no longer have to view the evil that is the butt, they should all be hidden and covered for women are fragile creatures and even in pixel form they should be protected from the prying eyes of anyone who might dare stare at them. Hmmm again, this doesn’t sound right, so let’s make one more attempt.

There is nothing wrong with a female character, or any character having a sexy pose or sexy outfit in a video game. Regardless of an individuals gender they will find it attractive, others find it empowering, while some simply don’t care, and finally there will always be butt hurt about it because they don’t like it. There we go, much better.

The old adage “If you don’t like it, don’t play it.” comes to mind every time I hear about one of these outrages. There are several games that I don’t play simply because I don’t like what they’re selling. Why is this such a difficult concept for others? Or do they truly feel they’re doing a good service by getting offended at every turn and making these companies walk on egg shells to make sure it fits their world view?

I see nothing wrong with Tracer’s pose. It’s sexy, but still rather mild at best. The idea that this game will suffer if her sexy pose is left in tact is audacious, and it’s only a matter of time before someone spouts off with the commonly heard quip.

“Well if it was a MAN in a sexy pose no one would buy the game because male gamers hate the gays”

or some other bullshit that they’ve made up in there head. While I’m not about to speak for gamers as a whole I know I personally don’t give two fucks about what characters look like or what poses they’re put in. Female or male, gay or straight, sexy, funny, silly, poses it’s all welcome as far as I’m concerned. Besides when they added this DLC to Dead or Alive 5 nobody said they were going to quit playing DoA or change their mind about purchasing the game if they hadn’t yet.


Once again you’re pissing off at least 1,200 people to please 75 (edit: these were the number of voters in the poll when I first published this.)

at least according to the straw poll someone posted on the Overwatch Beta Forums.


Lastly, if you haven’t yet I implore you to read NicheGamer’s article, and the threads they linked to.


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